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Hi there!

My name is Stuart Lang. I am a software engineer passionate about F#, C# and .NET. I love attending and helping run community tech events, and contributing to open source.

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Miscellaneous C# Async Tips

There are lots of great async tips out there, here a random few that I've collected over the past couple of years that I haven't seen much written about.Use Discards with Task.Run for Fire and ForgetThis is a…

BigInteger to String in Any Base with F#

In this post I share a snippet of code to print a .NET BigInteger to a string in any base, not just the usual binary, decimal and hex, and explore some of F# along the way.

How to dotnet build and Target net4x on macOS

In a previous post, I made a recommendation of additionally targeting net461 in addition to netstandard2.0 in certain scenarios, however one of the nice things about targeting netstandard2.x is that on macOS you can install the .NET Core…

Displaying Images in iTerm from .NET Console Apps

Now that dotnet global tools are a thing, we are seeing an explosion of cool new cross platform command line apps being built with dotnet. A recent example of this is Giphy CLI, this is a tool to quickly get…

.NET Framework Support for .NET Standard 2.0

When .NET Standard 2.0 was introduced, it wasn't plain sailing. .NET Standard 1.5 and 1.6 were already a thing, and they included APIs from .NET Frameworks higher than .NET Framework 4.6.1. Since .NET Standard releases…