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Hi there!

My name is Stuart Lang. I am a software engineer passionate about F#, C# and .NET. I love attending and helping run community tech events, and contributing to open source.

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How I Use VS Code for Code Highlighting in My Blog

TL;DR Paste code from VS Code into your blog: The problem When I started this blog I did some investigation into how I should render fragments of code. I eventually landed on Prism, which…

Pattern Matching F# Union Types in C# 7

Starting with C# 7.0, there is basic pattern matching support. I want to look at using this to interop with F# Discriminated Unions, and see what consuming F# code from C# could look like at it's best. Here is…

IAsyncEnumerable<T> - An Introduction

The problem Take a look at the above code, you may have run into this familiar issue yourself. We'd like to represent the pageable results of this HTTP API in our types, while still be asynchronous. Traditionally there would be…